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Development of the protoplasts induced from wound-response in fifteen marine green algae - Title: Development of the protoplasts induced from wound-response in fifteen marine green algae Authors: Kim, Gwang Hoon, and Tatiana A. Klotchkova Journal: Japanese Journal of Phycology, 52 (2004): 111-116 PDF Link The first question answered here is whether the ability to regenerate from damage via released protoplasts is unique to Bryopsis, and the answer appears... Continue Reading →
Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus supply on growth, chlorophyll content and tissue composition of the macroalga Chaetomorpha linum (O.F. Mull), Kutz, in a Mediterranean Coastal Lagoon - Folks also consistently underestimate the significance of seeing their chaeto stop growing.  It's fantastic at grabbing and holding nutrients, so if it stops growing that means your whole tank is most probably nutrient limited.
The reciprocal interaction between degradation of glucose and ecosystem structure. Studies in mixed chemostat cultures of marine bacteria, algae, and bacterivorous nanoflagellates - Bacteria vs algae is the magic scenario we hope for when we carbon dose our tanks – that bacteria will "automagically" make the algae go away.  We see here that in some cases it does work out.  But as we see next, a "balanced system" promotes all three lifeforms.
Release and bioavailabilityof C, N, P, Se, and Fe following viral lysis of a marine chrysophyte - This is the first time I've heard of selenium (Se) as a potentially limiting element. Lots of other interesting info in there about how the nutrients released are ultimately consumed and recycled either by other phytoplankton or bacteria.
Adaptation of Unicellular Algae to Irradiance: An Analysis of Strategies - I learned that scientists switched from measuring in lux (the amount of illumination) and started measuring light power only since the 1980's!  Today, light power is mostly expressed as PAR, but some authors still seem to refer to the precursor, µE's.  (An obvious salute to Einstein.)
Nutrient enrichment on coral reefs: Is it a major cause of coral reef decline? - Yet another article for those who look at nutrients and algae as something to avoid, eliminate and be worried about.
Significance of Plankton Community Structure and Nutrient Availability for the Control of Dinoflagellate Blooms by Parasites: A Modeling Approach - Dinoflagellates have enemies too! Another article for folks trying to understand dinoflagellates a little better.
Global microbialization of coral reefs - Great article!   It basically wraps up the side-effects of carbon dosing and algae blooms and how they affect corals negatively.
The Assimilation of Diazotroph-Derived Nitrogen by Scleractinian Corals Depends on Their Metabolic Status - I knew that nitrogen-fixing microbes were a part of corals holobiont, but it's not something I've read into before.  This article was a great starter!
Oceanic Forcing of Coral Reefs - Explains flow dynamics through reef canopies in a useful way.  Click and read!

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