Kill A Watt Power Meter

I use this Kill A Watt meter to measure any device I have electricity questions about.  I also use it to measure total system power usage and even to track cost over time. For the price, a Kill A Watt meter eliminates so many questions and has even given me some answers I didn't know the questions to yet!... Continue Reading →


  This is my Project STAR spectrometer.  It was very inexpensive. I  use it for examining the color of different lights inside and outside.  (Don't look directly at the sun through this device – or anything else!) It works by taking in light via the small opening at the upper-right. The light bounces off the diffraction... Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Lux

This is the lux meter I use. It works great for matching a new coral to a light zone in your tank so its light isn't too different from the tank where it came from. It works great if you're switching lights for the same reason.  Measure the old system and the after the new... Continue Reading →

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