The Articles of Reef Success!

Beginner Corals – The Basics of Reef Success - Very frequently so-called beginner corals go on to become pests since they are (generally speaking) faster growing, less susceptible to tank stresses and often more aggressive than "ordinary corals".
Aquarium History - Let the word AQUARIUM then be the one selected to indicate these interesting collections of aquatic animals and plants, distinguishing it as a Freshwater Aquarium, if contents be fluviatile, or a Marine Aquarium, if it be such as I have made the subject of the present volume. – The Aquarium, Philip Henry Gosse, 1856. The start […]
A Nitrate Dosing Calculator For Better Tank Health (And Better Coral Color!) - by Stratos It has become a phenomenon of increasing frequency in the reefing hobby today to have “too clean” of a tank.  Zero nitrates, and sometimes even zero phosphates are found behind more and more tank issues.  Either can be quite problematic for the tank. With the ever popular “ULNS” systems and all methods of carbon […]
Measurements of 150 Watt Radium Bulbs - Tested bulbs are about six month old – considered expired. Spectrometer pics will be added ASAP.
“Pop” – The Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring - “Pop” seems to be the word used to describe any visual characteristic that you wish your coral had.  There is no basis in coral health. The idea seems to be magnified by looking at DSLR camera photos.  I’ll paraphrase an actual thread on the topic: Zowie! Zowie! LED’s will pop your corals! The only way I can […]
“DSLR Camera” – The Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring - DSLR Camera A type of camera used in the hobby to take unrealistically detailed pictures of corals and their aquariums. These pictures rarely look like what you’d see with your naked eyes even if no software “fakery” has been applied.  (A safe assumption?) The camera can take in more light and see in much higher resolution than your eyeball […]
Kill A Watt Power Meter - I use this Kill A Watt meter to measure any device I have electricity questions about.  I also use it to measure total system power usage and even to track cost over time. For the price, a Kill A Watt meter eliminates so many questions and has even given me some answers I didn’t know the questions to yet! […]
“Dominant” – The Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring - Dominant The picture at the top of the article is of the USS Dominant. Dominant is a weird term that get’s thrown around quite a bit in the hobby.  Sometimes to comedic extent.  It seems almost as out of place as that picture in this blog.  😛 A usage example: “It’s a buzz-word dominant hobby.” Strangly (or not), I […]
The Fish Guide - What Is In This Guide? Understanding Stress In Fish Understanding Fish Immunity and Resistance Understanding Common Treatments Understanding General Fish Keeping Issues Understanding Microscope Use A lot of this will be from the U. of Florida IFAS Extension – a great resource! Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (SFRC) Read this first: The Ornamental Fish Trade: An […]
“Full Spectrum” – The Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring - Full Spectrum By Matt Carroll Before we even talk about the term “full spectrum“, please take a moment to enjoy the high resolution spectrograph of “white light” from the sun pictured at the top of the article, courtesy of the folks at NOAO. (They offer even higher resolution versions at the link.   They also offer a hi-res spectrograph of the […]