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Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus supply on growth, chlorophyll content and tissue composition of the macroalga Chaetomorpha linum (O.F. Mull), Kutz, in a Mediterranean Coastal Lagoon

Folks also consistently underestimate the significance of seeing their chaeto stop growing.  It’s fantastic at grabbing and holding nutrients, so if it stops growing that means your whole tank is most probably nutrient limited.

The reciprocal interaction between degradation of glucose and ecosystem structure. Studies in mixed chemostat cultures of marine bacteria, algae, and bacterivorous nanoflagellates

Bacteria vs algae is the magic scenario we hope for when we carbon dose our tanks – that bacteria will “automagically” make the algae go away.  We see here that in some cases it does work out.  But as we see next, a “balanced system” promotes all three lifeforms.