“DSLR Camera” – The Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring

DSLR Camera A type of camera used in the hobby to take unrealistically detailed pictures of corals and their aquariums. These pictures rarely look like what you’d see with your naked eyes even if no software “fakery” has been applied.  (A safe assumption?) The camera can take in more light and see in much higher resolution than your eyeball […]

“Dominant” – The Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring

Dominant The picture at the top of the article is of the USS Dominant. Dominant is a weird term that get’s thrown around quite a bit in the hobby.  Sometimes to comedic extent.  It seems almost as out of place as that picture in this blog.  😛 A usage example: “It’s a buzz-word dominant hobby.” Strangly (or not), I […]